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Will Do
1. We will maintain our knowledge and accreditations within the Multifamily and Real Estate Industries.

2. We will keep our word.

3. We will work with investors, lenders and developers who we trust and who trust us..

4. We will operate proactively, from proven processes.

5. We will operate in accordance in with state and federal laws.

6. We will keep things simple and continue to eliminate inefficiencies.

7. We will always look to recruit the best and brightest.

8. We will operate in a fun and relaxed work environment.

9. We will make a profit and pay our investors before we pay ourselves.

10. We will prioritize our goals, only accomplishing what is considered important to our stakeholders.
Will Not Do
1. We will not put personal interests above our stakeholders and the good of our company.

2. We will not let nepotism over run our organization.

3. We will not bash the competition or other stakeholders.

4. We will not let groupthink over run our organization.

5. We will not mistake greed for ambition.

6. We will not put our work before our families.

7. We will not pursue projects if we are over our capacity.

8. We will not work with people whom we do not feel share the same values as we do.

9. We will not allow negative experiences to let rigidity creep into our minds.

10. We will not quit until the job is done.